Hi there! 👋

My Brief Intro:

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer currently working @platform.ai

I have a great passion for learning new technologies and programming frameworks. In the past 6 years, I have tried my hands on Frontend, Backend and Deep Learning.

I have worked in different roles such as data scientist, mobile app developer, and project manager. This makes me an expert software engineer who can build stuff from scratch and present it to the prospective clients and stakeholders. I have experience of working closely with startup founders and build solutions for challenging problems.

I have co-authored research publications in top conferences (MICCAI 2012, ICIP 2013) on different applications of Machine Learning in Medical Imaging.

I like to experiment with ideas, learn from my mistakes and become a better person each day.

I am writing this blog to document my learnings from different projects, books and experiences that I have in life.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you find something useful from my blog.